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Summer Game Fest, the largest gaming event of the year, is rapidly approaching. Summer Game Fest has emerged as the premier venue for major video game revelations and announcements since E3 collapsed. Even though it has a number of issues, such as excessive advertising, it is still an exciting event because it is always interesting to see who will show up, what will be on display, and which new games will be released.

This year’s Summer Game Fest is scheduled for June 7th, and it can be viewed for free online. Or you could purchase a ticket and go in person.

After that, there will be an invite-only event for the media, celebrities, and YouTubers called Summer Game Fest: Play Days. Outlets typically start producing previews and interviewing people from this point on.

Summer Game Fest has confirmed, as of right now, that 55 partners will be present at the event. There are still more to be revealed, some of which will not be known until the show itself. Of course, many of the big names will be there, such as Xbox, Ubisoft, PlayStation, and EA, along with a host of other companies looking to show off their goods.

Certain companies will also be organizing events of their own. Xbox, for example, will have its own summer showcase on June 9 and will likely save its biggest announcements for that, such as the rumoured Gears of War.


We are quickly approaching Summer Game Fest 2024. The full list of publishers and developers attending the event can be found here.

Like previous years, one of the big events will be Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest on June 7. An annual event, this showcase is hosted in front of a live audience and is streamed across the globe. Microsoft is hosting its event on June 9, and while games for it haven’t been confirmed yet, there’s a good chance that Avowed, Indiana Jones, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will make appearances. The next entry in the Call of Duty franchise is also rumored to be the focus of a deep-dive special immediately after the Xbox event.

The spirit of E3 lives on in June as publishers, game studios, and several other initiatives come together to host various livestreams. Only a few more weeks remain until there’s an influx of broadcasts held online, and if you’re looking to organize your schedule, we’ve rounded up a full list of everything announced so far.

Get ready for several summer gaming showcases.

If you’re interested in attending this Giant Bomb event, tickets are now on sale.

  • OTK Games Expo, June 4
  • Summer Game Fest: June 7
  • Day of the Devs: June 7
  • Access-Ability Showcase: June 7
  • Wholesome Direct, June 8
  • Future Games Showcase: June 8
  • GameSpot Live: June 8–9
  • Giant Bomb @ Nite, June 9
  • Xbox Games Showcase: June 9
  • Xbox mystery showcase: June 9
  • Ubisoft Forward: June 10
  • Nintendo June Direct—June TBA
  • PC Gaming Show—June TBA

June 4

OTK Games Expo

Back for its third year, the OTK Games Expo will shine a spotlight on dozens of games from multiple developers and across various genres. Viewers can expect to see action, adventure, cozy, fighting, horror, platformer, shooter, and strategy games, and some of the studios taking part include Blue Manchu Games, Apogee Entertainment, Envision Entertainment, and Code Wakers.

  • 12 PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 8 PM BST
  • 4 AM JST (June 5)
  • 5 AM AEST (June 5)

Where to watch

  • YouTube
  • Twitch

June 7

Table of Contents [hide]

  • June 4
    • OTK Games Expo
  • June 7
    • Summer Game Fest
    • Day of the Devs
    • Access-Ability Showcase
  • June 8
    • Wholesome Direct
    • Future Games Show: Summer Showcase
  • June 9
    • Xbox Games Showcase
    • PC Gaming Show
  • June 10
    • Ubisoft Forward
  • June, TBA
    • Nintendo June Direct

Summer Game Fest

Hosted by Geoff Keighley, Summer Game Fest has been home to some of the biggest reveals of the summer gaming season. Last year saw Mortal Kombat 1, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and Alan Wake 2 headline Summer Game Fest and a “full lineup of participants and activities” will kick off after the main show concludes. Now in its fifth year, this year’s show is promising “new video game announcements, first-looks, and trailers.”

  • 2 PM PT
  • 5 PM ET
  • 10 PM BST
  • 6 AM JST (June 8)
  • 7 AM AEST (June 8)

Day of the Devs

Kicking off directly after Summer Game Fest, Day of the Devs from Double Fine and iam8bit is focused on indie games and the people who make them.

Access-Ability Showcase

Following last year’s inaugural livestream, the Access-Ability Showcase is back again to show off more games made by disabled developers and the accessibility options available in each one. The showcase will focus on new games and ways that accessibility for disabled players can be improved.

  • 8 AM PT
  • 11 AM ET
  • 4 PM BST
  • 12 AM JST (June 8)
  • 1 AM AEST (June 8)

June 8

Wholesome Direct

As its name implies, the Wholesome Direct is all about good vibes, cozy games, and uplifting debuts. For anyone looking for charming games to add to their wishlist, Wholesome Direct is one livestream to watch out for.

  • 9 AM PT
  • 12 PM ET
  • 5 PM BST
  • 1 AM JST (June 9)
  • 2 AM AEST (June 9)

Future Games Show: Summer Showcase

Presented by GamesRadar, this year’s show will feature “exciting updates on blockbuster games and deeper dives into anticipated indies,” according to its organizers. More than 40 upcoming games for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC will be featured.

  • 12 PM PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 8 PM BST
  • 4 AM JST (June 9)
  • 5 AM AEST (June 9)

June 9

Xbox Games Showcase

While Xbox hasn’t revealed which games will be present at its event, we’ll likely see more of its upcoming releases currently scheduled for this year. Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 are all penciled in for a 2024 launch. There will be a deep-dive special immediately after the main showcase, which is reportedly focused on Call of Duty.

  • 10 AM PT
  • 1 PM ET
  • 6 PM BST
  • 2 AM JST (June 10)
  • 3 AM AEST (June 10)

PC Gaming Show

Hosted by PC Gamer, the PC Gaming Show has been held annually since 2015. Originally launched as a response to how underrepresented PC gaming was at E3 (how the times have changed! ), fans can expect new game debuts and trailers during the June showcase.

  • 1 PM PT
  • 4 PM ET
  • 9 PM BST
  • 5 AM JST (June 10)
  • 6 AM AEST (June 10)

Where to watch

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook
  • X
  • TikTok

June 10

Ubisoft Forward

While Ubisoft is keeping quiet about what players can anticipate from its live broadcast from Los Angeles this year, some of the games that could be included are Assassin’s Creed Codename Red, Splinter Cell: Remastered, and Star Wars Outlaws. According to Ubisoft’s February statement, the “extent” of its lineup for the 2024–2025 fiscal year will be revealed this month, which could pave the way for its June event.

June, TBA

Nintendo June Direct

Nintendo plays its cards close to its chest, and for this year’s June Nintendo Direct, the company has revealed very little. What it has confirmed is that you might want to temper your expectations, as it plans to focus on games arriving for the Switch in the latter half of 2024 and won’t be discussing the Switch 2 console in this livestream.

Participants List

Here’s the complete list of every confirmed developer, publisher, and company that will be at Summer Game Fest:

  • 2K
  • Amazon Games
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Arc Games
  • Atari
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Blumhouse Games
  • Bokeh Game Studio
  • Day of the Devs
  • Deep Silver
  • Devolver Digital
  • Discord
  • Dolby
  • Electronic Arts
  • Embark Studios
  • Epic Games
  • Focus Entertainment
  • Funcom
  • HoYoverse
  • iam8bit
  • Indie Angels
  • Innersloth
  • Ironmace
  • Jyamma Games
  • Level Infinite
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Meta
  • NCSoft
  • NetEase Games
  • Netflix Games
  • Nexon
  • Niantic
  • PlayStation
  • Pocketpair
  • Private Division
  • Razer
  • Recreate Games
  • Riot Games
  • S-GAME
  • Samsung Gaming Hub
  • Seasun Games
  • SEGA
  • SNK
  • Steam
  • Sunblink
  • Supercell
  • Thunderful Games
  • TiMi Studio Group
  • Torn Banner Studios
  • Ubisoft
  • Uncapped Games
  • WB Games
  • Xbox
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