What We’re All About​

TechExist is a online magazine about technology that launched in 2022.
Our goal has always been to give fair, accurate, and honest tech news and analysis to advanced users, tech enthusiasts, IT industry leaders, and PC geeks who want to know more about tech. More than 1,000 people read TechExist every month.
Some of the best reviews, features, and technical articles you’ll find anywhere are written by our team of editors. In the software section of TechExist, you can find some of the best software for power users. We also have a huge database of products where people can keep track of prices, compare what experts think, and make smart shopping decisions.


TechExist tries to make everyone more aware of and knowledgeable about technology. We are committed to giving our readers detailed information that will help them learn more and be better informed.

We do thorough research and testing on technology products so that consumers and businesses can make better choices when buying them.

How we get paid

When we talk about a product, service, or app in an article or review, we usually include a link to it. Some of these links let us earn a referral fee if you, the reader, sign up for the service. This helps us pay for the site.

We will never let this paid relationship make us lose our morals. We promise to always put our readers’ needs first. We only review and recommend products and services that we are happy to use ourselves. If we don’t like something, we’ll say so, even if it’s good for business.

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