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The Most Secure Dark Web Browsers

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If you’ve come here looking for browsers to access the black market or dark web anonymously, I have no doubt that you already have a strategy in mind.

Whether you want to learn the ins and outs, make an anonymous Facebook account, buy and sell bitcoins, or download a huge number of comic books, I hope you understand the potential dangers and consequences.

A little intro on the deep web and how it contrasts with the dark web is in order.

However, there is a substantial difference between the two phrases despite their common use interchangeably. The deep web refers to the hidden or unindexed parts of the internet.

This means that you may forget about using Google to reach the dark web. There are many different types of content in the deep web, some of which may require registration or other forms of authentication before you can access them.

As a hidden subset of the deeper web, the dark web is guarded for a variety of reasons. This is where things start to get tricky, as you’ll need to use a specific browser to access.onion links.

While the deep web has many advantages, it is also widely known to be a hub for illegal activity. From making fake currency and trading on the illicit market to even employing an assassin (eeek!), nothing seems out of the ordinary there.

Looking for a way to access the dark web?

Those who are unfamiliar with the deep or dark web may find this blog helpful in learning how to navigate it securely and safely, without compromising their personal information, physical safety, or financial stability.

Let’s take a look at some of the dark web browsers available for viewing.onion sites.

Be Warned: You Can Browse The Dark Web Completely Anonymously
When delving into the dark web, a Virtual Private Network (such as NordVPN) is an absolute must in addition to the specialized browsers. It protects your privacy while online and makes it possible to engage in unlawful activities without fear of being tracked.

If Tor (The Onion Router) and other dark web browsers are blocked in your country, this is a great alternative that will help you stay under the radar of the authorities.

In 2022, these are the top ten browsers you should use for security.
You can explore the deep web in complete anonymity with any of these top 10 dark web browsers:

Tor Browser

Tor, a free and open-source browser for the dark web that is compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, offers the best security of any browser available and is often considered the best option for users.

The steps to installing Tor on your machine are as follows:

Obtain the Tor browser from the web and set it up on your computer.
To get the browser installed, double-click the downloaded file and select an extraction location. (You can also copy it to a USB flash drive if that’s more convenient.)
The next step is to access the folder and launch the Tor browser.
You should still use a virtual private network (VPN) in addition to the anonymity and privacy afforded by Tor. Never take any kind of chance on the dark web. It is the most popular choice among the top browsers on the dark web.


Whonix is a Linux-based OS with a focus on privacy and security; it contains Tor, making it an attractive option for anyone interested in accessing the dark web.

This operating system is open-source, which means that it can be downloaded and used without cost.

Follow these steps to download and set up Whonix on your computer.

Obtain VirtualBox and set it up first.
Select “file” in VirtualBox after you’re done.
Next, select “proceed” on the Whonix Gateway image.
It’s time for the dialogue box labeled “Appliance settings” to appear. Choose ‘import’.
Tick the box labeled “I agree.”
The import of Whonix-Gateway.ova must wait.
Next, run Whonix.Workstation.ova again according to the previous steps.
Next, fire up VirtualBox and launch both Whonix Gateway and Whonix Workstation.
To join the Tor network once the Whonix Gateway has finished loading, simply follow the on-screen prompts.
Once the Gateway is connected to Tor, the ‘Whonixcheck’ dialogue box will appear; once you are finished, click the ‘Ok’ button.
To access the terminal, click the application’s icon in the lower left corner.
Your password will be requested by the system at this time. The password for this stage is set to “changeme” by default; you may want to change it in the future, but for now, go ahead and use it.
Currently, the Workstation window is probably looking for updates. If not, select a system under “Application,” then run “Whonixcheck” to see if it is compatible.
As soon as it’s done checking for updates, open a terminal and type apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade’; then perform the same procedure on the Gateway.
Finally, the end! You should change the password to something more secure once you’re done.

Check the Gateway and the Workstation’s systems frequently to make sure they are both secure and up to date.


You may not have known, but Firefox can be configured to safely access dark sites as well.

If you haven’t, you’re in for a shocking revelation! The usage of Firefox alone is sufficient to establish a connection with Tor.

Have you hit a wall?

This is how to do it:

These are the instructions for downloading and installing Firefox.
Then, select the ‘preferences’ menu item.
To access your network’s configuration options, move the mouse pointer over “Network” and click “Settings.”
Find “configure proxy access to the internet,” and then choose “manual proxy configuration” to proceed.
Change the SOCKS Host and Port values to localhost:9050.
Next, go to the SOCKS Host section and pick “SOCKS v5”.
To use a proxy server with SOCKS version 5, tick the box labeled “Proxy DNS while using SOCKS v5” before clicking the “ok” button.
Having connected to Tor with Firefox, you must now test it. Try accessing check.torproject.org if you haven’t already.

A congratulations message will be displayed if the installation goes smoothly.

If you’ve managed to make out what I’m writing, you deserve congratulations.

Now you can spend as much time as you like exploring the deep web. (However, if you can avoid the odd stuff, you should be fine.) If you’re looking for a browser to use on the dark web, this is one of the better options.

Invisible Internet Project

I2P, or the Invisible Internet Project, is another Linux distribution that prioritizes user privacy similar to Whonix.

It’s an extra layer of encryption on top of your private network that was built specifically to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

The I2P is an alternative to Tor that uses garlic routing rather than onion routing. In order to prevent observers from exploiting individual messages, garlic routing sends them in clusters and in a single direction.

The I2P may be quickly installed, configured, and used with minimal effort.

To get started, go to their website and download the appropriate version for your computer.
It’s important to note that I2P requires Java to be preinstalled on your computer in order to function. A dialogue box will display if your download fails because you do not have Java installed on your machine. Make sure it was successfully downloaded and installed before proceeding.
After you’ve set up Java, your I2P installer should launch and prompt you to finish the setup procedure.
If you have it open, your options will likely be “base” and “windows service.” Select both “base” and “windows service” if you want the I2P to activate at system startup and run continually. If you’d want the option to toggle I2P on and off at will, leave the Windows service field empty and proceed.
The rest of the process ought to be guided by the installation wizard. If you haven’t changed any of the default settings, the I2P group should be one of the options in your computer’s start menu.

Subgraph OS

Using Sandboxing, Metaproxy, Package security, Kernel hardening, and Filesystem encryption, Subgraph OS, another Tor-based dark web browser, provides unbreakable security.

Those who think that are mistaken. It’s a top contender among the best dark web browsers.

Subgraph OS also features an encrypted instant messaging application called CoyIM, as well as a secure email client called Icedove.

How interested are you?

Subgraph OS can be downloaded and set up as follows:

Get the version that works with your computer’s OS and hardware first (you get the drill)
When prompted, select “Graphical Install” from the menu.
What remains of the setup process is elementary. To access your ultra-private space, all you have to do is follow the wizard’s prompts and log in to Subgraph OS.


This anonymous browser, which is based on Firefox (which most of us are familiar with), allows you to access the dark web. Due to its focus on advanced users, this browser does not provide a whitelist for plugins.

This implies that you can use Silverlight and Java Applets and any extension you choose without worrying that any of your data is being sent back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.

Follow these steps to download and set up Waterfox.

Pick up a web browser and get some files downloaded right now.
Once the download is complete, extract the file.
If you accept the defaults during installation, you will be able to use it immediately.
Isn’t it easy to understand?


The Amnesic Incognito Live System or Tails for short, is a live OS with the express purpose of protecting its users’ privacy while using the internet.

You can get it online and set it up on your computer, or you can use a USB drive to access it.

When you boot into Tails, your regular operating system will be temporarily disabled for your protection. Using Tails, you can make completely anonymous connections using the Tor network.

Your location, privacy, and identity are always safe within this network, as any attempt to leave it is immediately shut down.

If you’re looking for a browser to use on the dark web, this is one of the better options.

How to install and use Tails is outlined below:

If you’re concerned about security, you should probably start by installing tails on a USB drive. First things first, plug in your USB drive.
Then get the version that works with your computer’s OS and hardware setup.


This is the final stop on your search for the best browsers for the deep web.

Yet another superb instance!

Since Freenet is a P2P network, all data is encrypted before being sent out, making it an ideal browser for using on the dark web.

Connectivity to the internet and to the rest of the world is routed via many nodes for added security. The browser employs a decentralized, distributed network for data encryption, which keeps sensitive information safe from eavesdroppers.

It’s a top contender among the best dark web browsers.

Freenet offers its users both a “darknet” and “open net” mode, the latter of which allows for communication and publication that is not subject to restriction.

This is the procedure to follow to obtain Freenet:

To get started, please visit our browser download page.
Once the file has been downloaded, the installer can be run to set up the project.
The download page should also contain further information to help you deal with the problem if the download or installation fails for any reason.


Oh Yes!

We’re referring to that popular web browser from a decade ago that came preinstalled on just about every PC.

If you didn’t know that you could use it to access the deep web, you’re in for a shock!

When it comes to browsing the deep web, Opera ranks highly.

Changing your router settings in the preferences tab, like you would in Firefox, will allow you to access the deep web without interruption.

After you’ve done this, you’ll be free to surf the deep web whenever you like!

One of the best tools for accessing the dark web is Opera’s built-in VPN. While it may not offer the same level of protection as a dedicated VPN service like NordVPN, it does a great job of protecting your online activity nonetheless.

Here’s how to install the Opera web browser on your computer:

Follow this link to get the browser on your computer.
After the download is complete, run the installer to continue setting up.
Modify your preferences, and surf the black web in peace.

Zero Net

On our list of the best browsers for the dark web, ZeroNet comes in last. Bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent protocol form the basis of this decentralized exchange platform.

ZeroNet hosts are known by their public keys rather than their IP addresses.

It is possible to use a virtual private network (VPN) to establish a connection to the Tor network, but the platform itself is not anonymous. It’s simple to get started with the platform because it’s free and doesn’t necessitate any configuration.

Learn how to install it and convert it into a stealth browser for the deep web below:

Follow this link to download the ZeroNet installation file.
Unpack the software you just downloaded and you may immediately begin using it.
In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, which presents a list of browsers that are recommended for browsing the dark web.

A virtual private network (VPN) is an absolute must if you want to safely utilize dark web browsers and navigate the deep black web.

It’s highly recommended that anyone utilizing a deep dark web browser also make use of a virtual private network (VPN) for further security.

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