15 Best 8-inch Tablets for 2023: Small Tablets for Every Budget

Explore the 5 best 8-inch tablet 2023 from top brands like Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple to simplify everyday work and entertainment wherever you go. Screen sizes in the 6-8 inches space generally get bundled up as small tablets. They have only grown in popularity in the last few years. Many users seriously weigh the tablet

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Explore the top 5 best 8-inch tablets 2023 from top companies, including as Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple to simplify daily work and pleasure wherever you go.

Screen sizes of 6-8 inches are commonly grouped together as tiny tablets. They’ve only risen in popularity in recent years. When it comes to a second or third screen, many people carefully analyse the tablet vs. smartphone/laptop debate. Their likeability stems from their tremendous versatility: from work and leisure to taking images and asking Alexa for assistance, tabs actually persevere.

Tech giants ranging from Apple and Samsung to Lenovo and others have made investments in the small-tablet segment. When it comes to 8-inch gadgets, you’ll be spoiled for options, which is where our primer comes in.

A Guide for Buyers

In our buyer’s guide, we talk about the best 8-inch tablets you can buy right now. But there are a lot of other things to think about before making a buy. Here are some things you should think about before buying a device that fits your wants.


As we’ve already said, 8-inch tablets are great for comfort and ease of use. The best gadgets are light and easy to carry, and they provide clear, crisp entertainment.

Price đź’°

Price is important all the time, but especially during Christmas shopping. This year, stick to your budget by choosing gadgets that cost less than $100. Many of the 8-inch tablets on our list fall into this category without giving up much, so be picky when picking yours.


When we looked at the best 8-inch tablets, we pointed out the best way to use each one. Still, there are a number of them that are flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs. If you don’t know what the device will be used for when you give it as a gift, try to get one of these.

The battery’s life

This measure must be used. Devices with better specs can last up to 12 hours or more. On the other hand, this makes it less likely for the person to get up and move around, which can be bad for their health. Think about this when deciding whether or not to buy.

Connectivity to WIFI

WiFi is a must-have these days. Still, having GPS even when you don’t have a link can save your life. Check out this feature if you plan to live off the grid or in a place with little service.

Display đź–Ą

The picture is clearer the higher the quality. If this measure is very important to you, you should expect to pay a bit more.

Operating System

If you like the Android operating system, there are a lot of gadgets on our list that work with it. So, if you don’t have a strong preference for either Android or Microsoft, you might want to get an 8-inch tablet that can do more than one thing.


Micro USBs are used by almost everyone. These days, having a Micro SD slot for memory and a headphone jack so you can listen to music quietly in public is the real perk.

15 Best 8-Inch Tablets in 2023: Simplifying Work and Home Life

Here’s a list of alternatives and features to consider. After all, a tablet is much more than just storage capacity and an internet connection.

Item NameSpecificationsPrice
Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen)8″ HD, Front 2MP & Rear 5MP Camera, 2GB Memory, 32GB Storage, Android 12 (Go Edition)$78.99
NEWISION 8 Inch TabletAndroid 13, 8GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 1280×800 HD IPS Screen, 5000mAh Battery, Dual Camera$69.99
Nokia T10Android 128-Inch Screen, 4/64GB, 8MP Camera, Ocean Blue
Tablet Android 12 Tablets 8 inch2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 1280×800 IPS Touch Screen, 2+8MP Dual Camera, 4300mAh Battery$49.99
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular)32GB, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE Tablet, GSM Unlocked$105.50
CUPEISI Tablet 8 inchQuad-Core, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 11, 1280×800 IPS HD Display, 4300mAh Battery$49.99
Lenovo Tab M8 (3rd Gen)8″ HD (1280×800) IPS, MediaTek Helio P22T, 3GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Android 11$90.00
Blackview Tablet 8 inch Android 11 Tab63GB + 32GB, 2.4G&5G WiFi, 1280Ă—800 HD IPS Display, 5580mAh Battery$89.99
Basic Android Tablet 8 inchAndroid 12.0, 32GB Storage, Quad-core Processor, 2GB RAM, 1280×800 IPS HD Touchscreen$44.99
Blackview Tab 5 TabletsAndroid 12 Tablet, 5GB(3+2) RAM, 64GB ROM, 8 inch Tablet, 1280 * 800, 5580mAh Battery$69.99
NOVOJOY Tablet 8 inch Tablet PCAndroid 11, Quad-Core, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 8 Inch HD Display, 4300mAh Battery$49.99
OUKITEL RT3 Rugged Android 12 Tablet8 Inch Waterproof-Tablet, Octa Core 7GB+64GB, 1TB Expandable, 5150mAh Battery$169.99
FILY F8 Android12 Tablet8 inch Tablet, 4GB+128GB Storage, Quad-Core Processor, 5+8MP Dual Camera, 5G/2.4G Wi-Fi$159.99
Tablet Android 11 Tablets, 8 inch Tablet2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Quad-Core Processor, IPS Touch Screen, 2+5MP Dual Camera$49.99
Kids Tablet, 8 Inch Android 12 Tablets for KidsHD1280x800, 3GB+32GB Storage, 4000mAh Battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, Google GMS$39.99

Please note that prices and availability may change over time. Be sure to check the Amazon website for the most up-to-date information.


iPads are among the most popular tablets for combining portability and design. The sixth-generation iPad Mini, which has performance-oriented features and Apple Pencil compatibility, costs roughly $360. This tablet features an A15 Bionic chip, 64GB or 256GB of storage, and a stunning Retina display. True Tone and P3 wide colour work together to provide a smooth and absorbing visual experience with reduced reflection.

iPads also have an advantage in terms of convenience and accessibility, as they may last a whole workday on a single charge. These tabs are great for sketching, taking notes, and filling out forms (Scribble). They also include enticing 12MP cameras that entice you to capture the world’s beauty while looking your best during meetings and video chats.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs

The Samsung Galaxy tabs, with their cutting-edge features for diverse user groups, are not far behind the iPads – and, in fact, are favoured by many users. The Galaxy Active3 Enterprise Edition tablets are excellent choices for individuals whose jobs need them to operate in a variety of weather conditions, travel, and work long hours. With an IP681S rating and MIL-STD-810H2 compliance, these tabs are strong, long-lasting, and specially intended for the elements.

Nonetheless, their performance is not jeopardised in the least. The specifications are excellent: 4GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage.

These tabs have a wide range of applications. The Enterprise Edition Knox Suite and WIRELESS DeX are useful in the workplace. Optimised barcode scanning, on the other hand, makes them ideal for a POS. If you have a power supply (think kiosks), you can even work in No Battery Mode. When you plug in remotely, biometric security protects your data.

Another advantage of this lineup is its precise stylus, the S Pen, which is also weather resistant. You can work on these tablets while wearing gloves. It makes them ideal for ultra-hygienic environments.

Samsung’s commitment to inclusion: every budget, priority, and audience group is a laudable brand characteristic. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is available for as little as $120. This 8.7-inch smartphone has 32 GB of storage, a sturdy metallic body, and seamless communication with other Samsung Galaxy devices.

This tablet is ideal for students and youngsters because it is lightweight (0.81 lbs) and Wi-Fi-enabled. There’s also Samsung Kids, which provides age-appropriate kid-friendly material. You can increase the storage capacity to 1 TB if your needs grow, which they frequently do.

Amazon and Lenovo

Lower pricing are one advantage of increased competition in the tablet market. Lenovo and Amazon, both known for their high quality, now sell super-cheap tablets for under $100. Consider the Lenovo Tab M8 for its eye-friendly display with low blue light emissions, for example.

It also includes a privacy dashboard for peace of mind in public places and parental controls for a quiet, argument-free home! (Well, one can dream.) Lenovo also provides a good battery backup of up to 16 hours and 32 GB of storage space for your belongings.

Lenovo has recently launched on intuitive technical developments to compete with competing offers. So you may listen to music with dual speakers and read e-books with the Reading Mode. These characteristics enhance Lenovo tabs for their multimedia concentration – a popular tablet usage pattern.

The Amazon Fire line also includes high-quality 8-inch tablets that combine durability with mobility, security, and versatility. The Fire HD 8 tablet has a battery life of 13 hours and can store up to 1 TB of material (through microSD card). The design and feel are remarkable, and the screen is protected by alumino-silicate glass.

It is also advantageous for family use. Your children can enjoy well-researched content on Amazon Kids+ or listen to books on Audible without fear of device damage. (Yes, parental controls are available.) Of course, Alexa continues to make our lives easier. (It’s also a hit with the kids for playing their favourite videos and tunes!) On this range, Amazon offers a 90-day limited guarantee and up to a 3-year extended warranty.


Is an 8-inch tablet a suitable size?

It is one of the most popular screen sizes for tiny tablets. An 8-inch tablet may be an excellent choice for people who find a 6′′ or 7′′ tablet too small but do not want to sacrifice portability. It is appropriate for focusing on work papers – e-mails, books, PDFs, etc. – and of sufficient size to enjoy videos and games.

What are the drawbacks to using an 8-inch tab?

These mobile devices are ideal for busy travellers who need to work and relax while on the road. An 8-inch tablet will not tyre out your wrists and can comfortably handle day-to-day tasks such as browsing the internet or playing simple games.

However, the multimedia experience will be less compelling than that of a 10-inch tablet. In general, the operating system, CPU, and storage capacity are less powerful than in larger ones. It improves their ability to consume poor to mid-quality content. However, they are ideal for reading an e-book; the average book measures six by nine inches.


The new iPad Mini 6 is the best choice if you want an 8-inch computer that is light and small. At least, that’s what we think. Based on all the things we’ve talked about so far and taking everything into account. If not, you might want to look at each 8-inch tablet to see if it fits your needs or the needs of the person you want to give it to. Since the iPad Mini 6 works with the apple pencil, you’ll be able to have some fun, play games, and even get some work done.

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