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Top 10 Best Racing Games for PS5 2023

The Gran Turismo movie recently released in theaters, and with that comes the revitalization of players’ desires for good racing games. Luckily, there are many to choose from, especially with last year’s release of Forza Horizon 5 on Series X/S with Game Pass and its PlayStation 5 counterpart, Gran Turismo 7. However, the year is

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The Gran Turismo film was recently released in theatres, reigniting players’ appetites for fantastic racing games. Fortunately, there are plenty to select from, especially since the introduction of Forza Horizon 5 on Series X/S with Game Pass last year, as well as its PlayStation 5 cousin, Gran Turismo 7. However, the year is 2023, which means that brand-new racetracks are available for gamers to test drive.

  • Gran Turismo 7: Highly acclaimed PS5 racing game with realistic driving, 400+ cars, and 108 tracks.
  • Gear Club Unlimited 2: Arcade-style racer with 4K visuals, 4-player split-screen, and online play.
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione: Realistic racing simulator, favored by professional drivers, and intense multiplayer.
  • WRC Generations: Stunning visuals, 2K resolution, immersive features like 3D audio, and hybrid vehicle gameplay.
  • Wreckfest: Demolition derby-themed racing with chaotic collisions and wild 360-degree turns.
  • The LEGO 2K Drive: Family-friendly racing game similar to Mario Kart, offering split-screen and online fun.
  • Need for Speed: Unbound: The 25th NFS entry with cross-platform multiplayer, striking visuals, and open-world action.
  • Monster Truck Championship: Unique monster truck gameplay with independent front and rear steering.
  • Hot Wheels: Unleashed: Toy car racing with detailed cars and customizable tracks, true to the Hot Wheels style.
  • MX vs. ATV Legends: Off-road multiplayer racing with a career mode, various vehicles, and ongoing updates.
  • Rider’s Republic: Open-world racing for up to 64 players, featuring wingsuit flying, mountain biking, and more.
  • The Official Motocross Videogame, MXGP 2020: Motocross game with track creation and free-roaming Playground Mode for enthusiasts.

Here is a list of the finest racing games for the PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is the main racing game for the PlayStation 5, including over 400 automobiles from over 60 different manufacturers. It has received critical accolades for its realistic driving and outstanding graphics that immerse players in the experience.

There are over 108 different tracks distributed across 37 different locations, with certain circuits returning from the original Gran Turismo, such as High Speed Ring. This racing game is also available in PSVR2 and includes a steering wheel accessory adapter. Gran Turismo 7 is a knockout for both seasoned and rookie racers.

Gear Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition

Gear Club Unlimited 2 is an arcade-style racing game that has been remastered for the PS5 Ultimate Edition, which has been upscaled to 4k at 60 frames per second. It has a four-player split screen mode and online multiplayer.

The game may not handle as smoothly as Gran Turismo, but that is because it is intended to provide a more streamlined experience. Players can form clubs and team up with other players to race against other clubs.

Competizione Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a racing simulator that is more akin to Gran Turismo than Gear Club Unlimited. The game includes 34 automobiles, each with unique details, including an unprecedented level of detail based on CAD data and pictures, and they all handle differently.

This racing game may be the closest thing to driving in real life, as it has attracted the attention of professional drivers such as David Perel. The multiplayer is very competitive and where the majority of players will spend their time; becoming acquainted with the car that best suits their playing style is critical to their success.

Generations of WRC

WRC Generations appears to be the most similar to Xbox’s Horizon 5 and features 21 highly detailed stages to drive in across the world. The racing game takes advantage of the PS5 by being able to play in 2K and 60 frames per second, as well as taking advantage of PS5 capabilities to offer more immersive gameplay, such as 3D audio, haptic feedback, and car sounds in the PS5 controller.

WRC Generations is visually spectacular, with its lush landscapes and championship-winning automobiles available to gamers. The game also adds a new hybrid vehicle gameplay mechanic that requires players to monitor their car batteries while racing to victory.


The demolition derby-themed racing game focuses on devastation. Wreckfest allows players to equip their vehicles with body armour and encourages them to collide with one another in order to advance. Ramps will send players into the air as the vehicles perform 360-degree turns in a racing game unlike any other.

Wreckfest is the polar opposite of Gran Turismo, and is more akin to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, if it were a racing game.

The LEGO 2K Drive

Lego 2K Drive is a fun racing game for the whole family that supports split-screen multiplayer and internet play. The gameplay of Lego 2K Drive is similar to that of Mario Kart, but it also includes a story mode, mini games, a cup tournament, and takes place in the colourful open world of Bricklandia.

Just as Lego allows players to build everything they can imagine, the game includes a variety of vehicles such as off-road and aquatic vehicles, making it an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

  Need for Speed: Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound is the franchise’s 25th entry and offers cross-platform multiplayer. The visual style is especially eye-catching, combining a realistic appearance with cell-shaded, graffiti-esque elements. On the PS5, the game plays at 4k and 60 frames per second, with 3D audio and haptic feedback support.

Players are free to explore Lakeshore City’s open world and can choose to accept races or challenges. When racing in the big city, players will have to manoeuvre and escape from the cops, much like in previous games.

  Monster Truck Championship

Monster Truck Championship is not for anyone looking for a fast-paced racing game, as the vehicles of option are gigantic slower moving trucks. Nonetheless, gamers will have a difficult time finding a racing game that employs monster trucks with this much versatility in gameplay elements centred on those vehicles.

There is even independent front and rear steering controlled by analogue sticks, adding a new layer to handling and delving deeper into what makes driving monster trucks so special.

  Hot Wheels Unleashed

Driving with little toy cars on racetracks that bring them to life is exactly as great as players envision it to be while playing with the toy sets outside of the game.

The automobiles’ intricacies embrace the reality that they are toys, with finger smudges and paint scratches visible when inspecting the toy vehicles up close. The same level of detail can be found in the settings, which include some of the most impressive lighting in a racing game. The landscapes not only remain true to what gamers would build in real life for their hot wheels, but the game also allows players to customise and share those courses.

Hot Wheels Unleashed provides a completely new racing experience with gaming features and customization choices that can only be found in Hot Wheels.

MX vs. ATV Legends

MX versus ATV Legends, like Horizon 5, is an off-road multiplayer racing game that explores open and massive areas. It also adds a new career mode with decisions that determine what options players are faced with.

The game also has a two-player split-screen mode in addition to a 16-player online version with squad-based action. Players can not only choose whatever vehicles to drive, such as bikes, ATVs, and UTVs, but they can also customise their rider’s appearance with additional customisable options. The game looks to have ongoing support, since there have been fixes and a season 2 release in May.

MX versus ATV Legends has a revised physics system pioneered by the game’s creators, Rainbow Studios.

Riders’ Republic

Rider’s Republic takes racing to the next level by allowing 64 people to compete in a single race using a variety of vehicle options such as wingsuit flying, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing. However, for those that favour tricks above speed, there is a 6 v 6 multiplayer option called Tricks Battle in which teams compete to win points by completing as many tricks as possible.

Rider’s Republic is an open world game that includes US National Parks as well as social hubs where users can interact with one another.

The Ubisoft game also has a career mode in which players can gain new armour, clothes, and cosmetics. The game has received positive feedback from critics and has a high repeat potential for those looking for a fun arcade-style racing game.

The Official Motocross Videogame MXGP 2020

The title says it all, precisely summarising when and what MXGP is. Players can create unique tracks on areas that can be shared online with other players, but the makers have included legacy songs from prior games for sentimental enjoyment.

There’s also The Playground mode, which is a free-roaming zone where players can explore these landscapes and practise riding their bikes. MXGP is worth a look for anyone looking for a motocross game that allows them to choose where and how they race.

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